Energy Efficiency & Condition Assessment

Home Energy Efficiency & Condition Assessment

This is the first step in the energy survey and retrofit assessment process and does the following:

  1. Looks at the dwelling on Google maps to get a feel for its make-up
  2. Identifies if the property has an accurate EPC certificate – this gives an indication of energy use
  3. Establishes actual energy use where records are available
  4. Obtains details of previous planning applications which can help understand the fabric of the building and possibly its year(s) of construction – which can determine the applicable building regulations in force at the time
  5. Identifies actual occupancy to calculate heat gains
  6. Assesses the heating system and controls in use – if gas, is the boiler condensing? If not gas, how efficient and responsive is the system?
  7. Assesses whether the dwelling has defects that should be remedied, or require further inspections, before the retrofit work is undertaken: such aspects might include repairs to eliminate water penetration from leaking rain goods, recommending a survey of the inside of a cavity wall with a borescope for mortar snots and gaps or dampness in cavity insulation, underpinning if walls are cracked and leaning;
  8. Measures and records all ceiling heights, room sizes, wall thicknesses and fabric make-up, window sizes and glazing types
  9. Assesses what lighting types are used – are the bulbs energy efficient?
  10. Is the ventilation sufficient to meet building regulations?
19th century terrace2

The Benefits of this assessment:

Accurate Data

We measure your homes’ existing wall thickness, identify how and from what the walls, roof, & floors are constructed, and measure the size of all rooms and windows.

Identifies Defects

If the house has existing problems then insulating over the top could be disastrous. We look for existing issues and will advise if specialist surveys are required to specify initial repairs.

Baseline record

The result of the assessment is a formal record of the condition of the house before works are started, plus all the data necessary for the next step, constructing a whole- house retrofit plan.


If you’re interested in making your home more energy efficient but don’t know where to start, call us today.